Born in kfar saba israel, 1984. live and work in Tel Aviv.

Studied my first degree in the department of Photography, Bezalel Academy of art and design, Jerusalem. finished my master of Art in Bezalel Academy of art and design, Jerusalem.


I deal with authenticity.

Within the banal daily routine, which choices are natural? Which actions are systematic and when does such action become a ritual?

How does a person survive endless conditioning within the cyclicality of daily life – family, friends, work – and stay authentic? I am hypnotized by how one behaves, stands, moves from one place to another, saturated with conventions, and still wants to stay special. How do the living and work spaces s/he inhabits look like?

I use my camera to do take offs on authenticity. I choose routine moments, daily situations, like I was “capturing the moment”, but actually redirecting it with cross symmetry. The camera creates an aura and refines the moment, but cannot reinstate its lost spontaneous magic.

t: +972 (0) 54 522 7322
e: nuritagozi@gmail.com