Nora, 2015, 36 Min, Tel Aviv

Nora, the female protagonist, is in her late twenties, living in Tel Aviv of our time. Her lifestyle is marked by an almost ritualistic repetition of everyday activities: sleeping, eating, drinking (alcohol), and having sex.

The narrative breaks off from the linear timeline, sending it into a time loop, and within this loop — which encloses a claustrophobic, compulsive, and to a large extent traumatic space — the protagonist is trapped.

Editing: Roni Ben Gal | Original soundtrack: Or Edry


Hahanut Gallery, Tel Aviv, 2015 | Hanina contemporary art ,Tel Aviv, 2015 | Gate 3 – Art Gallery, Haifa, 2015 | Uganda JLM, Jerusalem, 2015 | The Print House, Tel Aviv, 2015